Saturday, February 9, 2008

Information Overload?

Will Richardson discusses information overload in blog post on tagged vs. trusted sources. Just when it seems like a social-bookmarking service is your answer to information overload, it becomes clear that subscibing to RSS feeds on tags could become another way to add to this overload! Richardson suggests subscribing to specific sources and even specific tags from those sources, to avoid spam and receiving more information than you can possibly read. I found it amusing (and a little frightening) that Richardson backs up his bookmarks in his bloglines by subscribing to his own Jots feed! Both Alan November and Will Richardson have been won over by Jots. One more thing for me to explore at a later date.


Arlene said...

zElizabeth, I think Jots may no longer exist. I tried to go to it yesterday and retrieved the same page as you linked to. Arlene

elizabeth said...

Looks like Jots is now cellphones:) Maybe we should ask Will Richardson.