Sunday, March 9, 2008

Creating a VoiceThread

The process of making a Voicethread was relatively simple and user friendly. It was easy to set up an account and to import videos and pictures from my computer (one can also import photos from Flickr and Facebook). There is a one minute video on how to make a VoiceThread under the My Voice tab. Your VoiceThreads are stored under this tab after you make them under the Create tab.

On the other hand, getting the VoiceThread embedded in my blog was ultra-frustrating. I really wanted to do this without having to use a link. I watched the video on embedding in Edublog over and over again. I made several attempts at cutting and pasting the html, all of which have been unsuccessful. Perhaps the issue is with Blogger. I welcome any suggestions as to how to make this happen! For now, here is a link to My Voicethread.


Jennifer said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I can't seem to get access to your VoiceThread. When you get a minute, can you send me an invite?

No worries - whenever!

John Lobe said...

Hi Elizabeth, very fun voice thread. How did you get the video quality to stay so clear?

Cindy said...

Skimboarding! I'll have to show this to my kids, I know my boys will want to try it. I liked the way you used both audio comments and written comments on your VoiceThread.

Val said...

Boarding looks like a lot of fun. Was this at Hornby?
Hope all is well with you and your family. How's your husband doing?