Sunday, January 27, 2008

Blog 1 - Photo Sharing Sites

I have heard of photo-sharing sites before, but I have never been that interested in uploading my photos for the world to see. My photos are mostly of my family and we live close enough to share photos in person. What I have learned in this past week exploring photo-sharing sites like Flickr is that they offer so much more than organizing and sharing of one’s photos. With Flickr, I can do all kinds of creative things to enhance instruction using photos taken by others, for no charge!

I prefer Flickr to Picasa, because Flickr offers a seemingly endless archive of photos, whereas Picasa is photo editing software that allows me to edit, organize and send my photos to others. Flickr had me fascinated for several hours as I clicked through the various images, clusters and "most interesting" shots in numerous searches and tags. The only frustrating thing about Flickr so far is that to sign up, I had to create a Yahoo! email address and yet another user ID. Keeping all my online identities straight is becoming a challenge.

Some of the things I love about Flickr:
· the endless volume of images I can use (I almost fell over when I saw that 2,950 photos were downloaded in the last minute)
· for twenty-five dollars per year, Pro members get up to two gigabytes of picture storage
· tagging and organizing favourites is easy
· it easily places images in blogs
· it allows me to set privacy levels and access
· I can choose other Flickr users as contacts and subscribe to feeds of their images
· I can configure Flickr to accept uploads from my computer or cell phone email
· I can copyright my photos or use a Creative Commons license
· Notes can be added to sections of images by my contacts

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