Sunday, January 27, 2008

Blog1-Photo Sharing Sites (continued)

What sets Flickr apart from other photo sharing sites is that it has opened its application programming interface (API), and numerous web resources haven used this to take advantage of “mashing up” images in creative ways. Mash-ups are combined web applications that take features from an application like Flickr and mash it up with another application like a map, to create something like Mappr. Using mash-ups like fd's Flickr toys you can create posters, magazine covers, book covers, and trading cards for your classes, and post them online or print them. I created this Hornby Island mosaic using a Flickr mash-up site. There really are no limits to what you can do with Flickr and Flickr toys!

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Ronda said...


I loved your Hornby Island mosaic using a Flickr mash-up site. What a fantastic-looking illustration of just one example of how Flickr could be used. I really like the idea of having students use Flickr in various ways in conjunction with weblogs to enhance writing. There are some amazing photos which certainly make for great writing prompts!